How to watch rts videos on your mobile devices

Google has introduced a feature to allow you to watch videos on mobile devices via a Google Chromecast.Users will be able to use the Chromecast to watch YouTube videos and RTSs.This feature has been available on the Chromebox since last year, but has only been available for Android devices.YouTube said that this was due to

Google switches to Windows 8, Microsoft moves to Windows 7

Google, Microsoft and Apple have each announced they will switch their products in the coming months.Microsoft announced on Monday that it will move to Windows RT, while Apple is expected to follow suit in the next few months.In an announcement, Microsoft said it will be making Windows RT available to consumers and developers in a


Web Browsers may be vulnerable to cyber attacks

Web browsers and servers are vulnerable to a new type of cyberattack.According to research from Cambridge University, a malicious program called a malicious DDoS attack can cause web pages to crash.The attack can then take over websites by hijacking web traffic.The researchers also say that malicious DOTS (do-not-disturb) attacks are the second most common type


Why Apple is not supporting WebKit on Macs, Mac OS X, and Windows 10

Buzzfeed: Apple is apparently not supporting the latest version of WebKit, the open source rendering engine powering Macs and Windows PCs, according to Mac OS developers.In a recent blog post, Mac developers noted that Apple’s web support, which was updated in November, has been “barely maintained for some time,” with support for WebKit not yet


Why You Should Use Web Hosting For Your Mobile Apps, Experts Say

Google is rolling out a new version of its Web platform, Google Cloud Platform, for mobile apps.It’s not clear when or if this is a permanent change, but the move could impact the future of mobile apps and services.We’re looking at a lot of possibilities here.Google is using its cloud platform to deliver apps and


Which web browser are you using?

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