Google switches to Windows 8, Microsoft moves to Windows 7

Google, Microsoft and Apple have each announced they will switch their products in the coming months.Microsoft announced on Monday that it will move to Windows RT, while Apple is expected to follow suit in the next few months.In an announcement, Microsoft said it will be making Windows RT available to consumers and developers in a

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How to find the right mobile phone and tablet for your needs

The BBC has taken a look at the best mobile phones and tablets available on the market today and what to expect when you buy them.We looked at the top smartphones and tablets from all the major players, to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.We tested out every mobile device available

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Analysts call Ohio child support portal ‘totally broken’

Analysts are calling Ohio’s child support enforcement portal “totally broke” and saying it’s a “broken, broken, broken system.”A recent study found that Ohio’s “Child Support Portal” is “completely broken” and has been “fraudulently accessed” by users.The study, which was conducted by the consulting firm KPMG and conducted by Ohio’s Office of Child Support Enforcement, found

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The Best Games of 2018

It’s been a long, winding road for Sony Online Entertainment, the developer of the hugely popular PlayStation Now service.Last month, the company lost its battle against Comcast and was forced to shut down its PlayStation Now platform for a time.Now, the video-game company says it’s ready to start up again.The PlayStation Now app has been