Google switches to Windows 8, Microsoft moves to Windows 7


Google, Microsoft and Apple have each announced they will switch their products in the coming months.

Microsoft announced on Monday that it will move to Windows RT, while Apple is expected to follow suit in the next few months.

In an announcement, Microsoft said it will be making Windows RT available to consumers and developers in a new Windows 8.1 update, and that it is now “available to download from Microsoft’s Windows Store for free.”

Microsoft has also announced that it plans to start offering free updates to Windows users as well as to those who have previously bought the desktop version of Windows.

The switchover to Windows is a significant one for Microsoft and Microsoft will be moving to a new operating system that will make it easier for developers to develop for both its Xbox One and Windows devices.

Microsoft said in October that it was moving to Windows 10, the first version of its Windows operating system to target the new hardware and apps that will be coming to Windows devices in the months ahead.

Microsoft is also expected to begin selling its Xbox devices through the Windows Store in the first half of 2020.

Apple has also been quietly making its way to Windows for quite some time.

In December 2016, the company announced that Apple Music would be available on Windows 10 devices.

In September, Apple announced that the Apple TV will be supported on Windows devices, as well.

Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are expected to announce their next versions of their respective products at this year’s WWDC, which takes place from June 11 to July 7 in San Francisco.