How to connect with people who are on Slack for Slack support


Slack has added support for a web chat feature that lets users send and receive Slack messages via a web browser and with the command-line tool Slack-Messenger.

The feature was recently added to Slack-Qt and is only available for developers on the desktop version of Slack.

Developers can now add Slack-Message support to the Slack desktop app, which is now available for the Mac and Linux flavors.

The web chat features have been available on Slack since September 2014.

For example, if you log into your account via your Google+ account, you can send and read Slack messages using your Google Plus account.

The addition of Slack-Chat support will help developers to build a more robust communication experience across multiple platforms.

The news comes after Slack’s developer conference in San Francisco earlier this month.

The company said at the time that the chat features were added to the desktop Slack app to make it easier to send and reply to messages in Slack.

Slack-XMPP, which was first announced in July 2015, was recently launched for Android and iOS.