How to find a child support provider online for OHIO


OHIO (CBS4) – How to get help with child support payments for children living with a parent in the state of Ohio.

There are more than 7 million Ohio families and more than 100,000 Ohio parents in debt, but many aren’t aware of the problems they are facing.

The state has one of the highest child support arrears in the nation, with nearly $1.4 billion owed.

It is one of two states where child support is mandatory.

It’s a system that has led to a state of economic and social chaos.

The system in Ohio is called the OHIO Child Support Portal.

It has a phone number to call, but the number doesn’t work for people in rural areas.

It was developed to help those who need help get to their lawyer, court-appointed attorney, court administrator or child support administrator.

The portal is also available in Spanish.

The phone number for Ohio Child Support Services is 1-800-631-7333.

It’s also available online.

There is a website,, and a video on the portal.