How to find your next job: Google answers questions about hiring and firing


Google has opened a new search engine, Search, for employees in China, giving the country’s tech companies more clout in an increasingly globalized economy.

The announcement Tuesday by Google comes a day after China’s top economic regulator said it was cracking down on corruption and corruption-related problems in the country.

It is the latest move by the Communist Party to fight corruption.

China’s state media has repeatedly denounced the scandal and accused Western companies of failing to live up to promises made by the country to open its tech market to foreign investment.

The announcement, made by Google’s vice president for search, Brian McClendon, was met with mixed reactions on social media.

Some praised the move and some criticized the government for clamping down on social networks.

But it has caused concern among Chinese tech companies that are already battling corruption in their own country.

China is increasingly seeing more and more foreign companies try to gain entry to its tech markets.

In 2015, the U.S. and China invested more than $500 billion in China’s technology sector, which includes Internet search, e-commerce, mobile and cloud services.

Google has long been one of China’s biggest venture capital investors, and it has invested heavily in Chinese tech.

Google also said in a blog post that the new search feature will be free for Chinese users and that Google+ accounts will also be available for users in China.

It did not offer any details about the number of Chinese users who will be able to use the new service.