How to Get Google to Change the URL on Your Website


A new vulnerability has been discovered in Google Chrome.

The problem affects the Chrome browser version 56, and is the second major flaw found in the browser in less than a week.

Google says that the flaw affects versions 56 through 56a, as well as some earlier versions, but it’s unclear when these versions are affected.

The vulnerability is very small, and could potentially allow attackers to compromise a site that’s hosted on Google’s own servers, or to steal data from other sites hosted on the same server.

The flaw was first discovered on Tuesday and has been fixed, but the Google security team has yet to notify the public of the new issue.

Google has not confirmed the vulnerability, but has already patched the problem.

This vulnerability affects all versions of Chrome.

A Google spokesperson told the Ars Technica that it will be releasing a patch in the coming days.

The spokesperson declined to comment further, but said that Google will “continue to actively monitor” this vulnerability.

The bug is not as severe as one found earlier this year in a Microsoft vulnerability.

That vulnerability allowed attackers to read user accounts and other sensitive information stored on user’s computer.

Google patched the issue, and the Microsoft vulnerability was fixed soon after.

It was later found that the vulnerability in Microsoft was not fixed, and it was only patched after a Microsoft researcher was forced to disclose the information to a reporter.

Microsoft said in a blog post that it fixed the issue with its security updates.

Google said it is working with Microsoft to address the issue.

“Google Chrome for Android has recently been updated to address this issue, which has not been addressed in the Microsoft bug fix.

We’re also working with the Microsoft team to address additional vulnerabilities discovered in Chrome for Windows,” Google said.

Google has also announced a new update that fixes the vulnerability found in Chrome 57, which is currently being tested on a number of platforms.

Microsoft says it has also issued patches for the vulnerabilities found in that version.

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