How to Get Your Apple Pay Debit Card Reactivated in Canada


The Apple Pay app for Apple Watch is now available for users in Canada.

The iOS version of the app allows users to use their Apple Pay device to make purchases on the Apple Watch, and is compatible with the Canadian App Store.

Users can make purchases using their Apple Watch as a payment method, as well as by using a virtual card on the app.

Users must use their iPhone or iPad to make a payment.

The app is now in beta, but users are able to purchase a $10 Apple Pay card in Canada from a Canadian credit or debit card.

Apple Pay users in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba can use a credit card in those provinces, but the Apple Pay payment process will require a separate Apple Pay account.

It’s a similar process to how Apple Pay works in the United States.

Users in Ontario can also make payments using the Apple Store in Toronto, which can be used in Canada to make payments on the App Store or on other online retailers.

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