How to Get Your New iPhone 5 to Work on the Google Home on iOS 10


Apple has released a fix for a bug that has plagued the Apple Watch on iOS.

The fix, which is available in the latest update to the Apple iOS 10 beta, allows iPhone 5 users to use their Apple Watch’s accelerometer to open apps on their iPhone 5 without needing to hold down the Home button.

The issue affects some of the Apple TV and Siri apps on the iPhone 5, but not the Apple Music app.

Users who have been using the Apple HomeKit platform for the past year or so will be able to access the app without having to use the Home Button on their Apple TV.

Users are now able to open the Google Assistant app on the Apple iPhone 5 and Siri on the iOS 10 version of the platform without needing the Homebutton.

Apple is also working to make this easier for other Apple devices running iOS 10 and later.

A spokesperson for Apple confirmed to Ars Technica that the company is aware of the issue and is working to fix it.

The company said the fix does not affect existing Apple Homekit users, but will impact new users who update to iOS 10.

Apple also said that users who have already upgraded to iOS 11 can continue to use all of their existing HomeKit enabled devices with the new update.

The update also addresses the “fatal crash” that was reported on September 22.

A user who was using the iOS 11 beta for Apple HomeHub on their new Apple TV said that when he tried to open a HomeKit app on his Apple TV, it crashed.

The iOS 11 Apple TV app crashed while trying to access Google Home.

(Apple)After being notified of the problem, Apple released an update to fix the issue.

The fix does address the problem by allowing iPhone 5 owners to access HomeKit apps on iOS devices.

Users can now also access Google Assistant on iOS 5 devices by holding down the home button on their iOS 5 device, rather than using the HomeButton.

The new Apple iOS 11 HomeKit fix has been available for iOS users for several months.

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