How to install and configure the AWS cloud with Windows Server 2016 on Windows 8.1


Microsoft has updated its Windows 8 operating system to the new version of Windows 8, the company announced on Monday.

The new operating system comes with the latest features, including the ability to run Windows apps from the command line, the ability for Microsoft Edge to launch applications from the Command Prompt and the ability of Microsoft Edge on Windows RT to run Cortana, a Cortana-like personal assistant.

Windows 8.2, which Microsoft released in December, also features a host of new features, such as the ability on Windows 10 PCs to run apps from Microsoft Store, as well as an improved Settings app.

In addition, Microsoft also introduced a new version 10 of its cloud management software called Azure Management Server.

It can be installed via a single-click from the Settings app or downloaded directly.

Microsoft is also rolling out a new operating environment, called Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), to the public this week.

Azure Active Directory is Microsoft’s unified set of software that allows applications, services and data to be managed across all its systems.

Azures AD services and services available on the Windows 8 platform can be used by any Windows 10 or Windows Server 10 machine.

Microsoft is rolling out Azure AD to customers on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows RT machines as well.

The company also announced support for a new Microsoft Azure IoT (Internet of Things) platform for IoT devices, which will include a host the ability with Cortana to access and control the IoT device through voice, as shown in this Microsoft video:

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