How to make the best web design tools and services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8


Microsoft and Nokia are working on a new version of the web design and development tools for Windows and Windows phone 8.

It’s part of a new “Windows 8 and Win8.1 Design” initiative that’s aimed at the devices’ next-gen capabilities.

The Microsoft-Nokia partnership comes amid Microsoft’s continued efforts to deliver a more seamless experience for Windows users and developers.

The company announced last week that Windows 8.1 would get a redesign, while the Nokia Windows Phone 7.1 update will receive a “designer update” on April 3.

Windows 8.0 and Windows 8 will also get a “Windows 9 and Win9” redesign, with the latter likely to be released later this year.

But Microsoft is also pushing to push developers to use a new platform, Windows Server.

The goal is to make Windows Server more secure, which could open up more of the Windows ecosystem to Windows 8, Windows Phone, and IoT.

Microsoft has also announced plans to roll out its next-generation Office apps to Windows Phone on April 1.

Microsoft is now shipping Office for Windows Phone.

Windows Phone and Windows are now on the same platform.