How to protect your privacy online at the Norton safe Web store


The Norton Safe Web store at the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Dallas is now offering free online privacy protection through the company’s own network.

The store, which is also the online hub for other Norton merchants, will begin offering privacy protection for its users, including for online purchases, this Friday.

Norton’s new privacy policies are in place after a number of recent high-profile privacy breaches, including that of a major company and a cyberattack on its data.

The company has also faced pressure to better protect its customers, particularly its online shoppers, who can use the store’s secure checkout process to secure online purchases.

To protect its users online, Norton has made a number security enhancements, including the removal of third-party cookies, as well as adding the ability for customers to opt-out of third party cookies.

The retailer has also made changes to its privacy policies that include a new policy for “non-essential uses” like shopping, e-commerce, and personal information.