How to set up Unity web player in ChromeOS

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ChromeOS is an open source browser based on Chromium that has made the leap to ChromeOS-based devices in recent years.

With ChromeOS and UnityWeb Player, you can now play games on your Chromebooks in a way that feels native and feels as close to a browser as you can get.

In addition to Chrome’s official web browser, UnityWebPlayer is available for Mac and Linux.

For a full list of Unity Web Player’s features, check out the official Unity Webplayer documentation.

But there’s one last option that’s really cool that doesn’t require a Chromium-based computer: Web Fusion.

Web Fusion allows you to seamlessly share your Chrome OS and Unity Web Browser experiences across a variety of devices.

You can play on your Mac and Android devices, but also your Windows PC and Chromebooks.

You can find out more about UnityWebClient here.

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