How to set up your own VLC web site


With vlc, you can play almost any video file you want.

It’s a simple yet powerful tool, and we’re going to show you how to set it up yourself.


Create a new file to store your videos 2.

Click on File->New 3.

Click the Add button 4.

Enter your password and click Next 5.

Add the videos to the playlist, which is located in the File section of your account.


Click Play 7.


You’ll notice that all of the videos in your playlist will be stored in a separate directory on your hard drive.

Now it’s time to put those videos on your web page.


Go to File->Web Page 2.)

Click the Video button on the toolbar 3.)

Scroll down to the “Play Now” section of the screen 4.)

Click on Play Now 5.

Now you’ll see a new menu bar with a small icon on top of the page.

Select the video you want to play and click the Play button.

Your video will start playing automatically.

Now, you’ll want to change the settings on the video to suit your needs.

1) Click the Menu button on top right of the Video bar 2) Scroll down and select Video Settings 3) Click on the “Add Video” button 4) Enter your video’s name, description, and a link to download it to your computer.

Now go ahead and play it! Enjoy!

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