I have no idea what you’re talking about! The next version of Google+ will support bluetooth.

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The next Google+ update will also introduce a feature called “Bluetooth for Business”, which allows businesses to control what their employees can see and do on their personal devices.

This will allow them to share content with friends or colleagues, and allow them access to other Google services.

The feature will be available on the next Google app update, which is due in October, and will allow businesses to share their photos and videos with people who are using Google Hangouts, as well as with other apps that work with the Hangouts app.

It’s possible that this feature will not be implemented for the next update, however, because the feature has already been available for a while.

It is also possible that the feature will make it into the next Android version.

This means that users who have used Google Hangout with the app will still be able to share images and videos from Google Photos with the next version.

The last thing that Google needs right now is another major update.

This is not the time for another major version of the app, or even for a big, expensive update.

It would be more prudent for Google to release a few minor updates and then start working on something else, like a new feature that would allow Google Hang outs to be used in multiple devices, or a new version of Hangouts that would bring some functionality to Google+.

However, Google has shown no signs of slowing down, and they are already working on a new app update that will bring some features to the Hangout app.

There’s nothing more important right now than keeping Google+ as the best social media app for everyone.

It will continue to grow as the world moves to the internet of things, and with the advent of new devices and the growing number of people using them, it is clear that Google+ is a vital part of our lives.

If Google+ continues to be a vital social media platform for the majority of us, Google+ has no choice but to work hard to keep up.

This story was updated on May 5, 2018 at 12:08 PM.