IBM unveils new cloud server with IBM iPlanet web server support


IBM is launching a new web server with cloud storage capabilities to compete with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the cloud computing space.

The new server, named HP Web JetAdmin, comes with IBM’s Cloud Storage Platform, and is part of the new HP Cloud Server, which has been launched in the last two months to complement the new IBM iCloud.

HP’s new cloud service offers the latest storage technologies and a wide range of capabilities to support IBM’s latest cloud-based products, which have increased in the past two years.

The server also supports several other cloud-related applications, such as Big Data Analytics, Big Data Science, and Big Data Operations.

HP says that the new cloud offering, which is powered by the IBM Cloud Platform, has a capacity of up to 1 TB of data storage and can support up to 250 users.

The HP Cloud Service is also available as a standalone solution, or as part of an appliance package.

HP has launched several new products over the last few years that include servers with storage capacity ranging from 4 TB to 128 TB, with the Cloud Server offering up to 64 TB of storage.

The company says that its Cloud Storage Service is a comprehensive, scalable, and affordable way to deliver an intelligent, scalable cloud storage service.

IBM is offering a variety of cloud service offerings for IBM iSuppliers.

HP said that it will begin offering the new Cloud JetAdmin with its HP Cloud Platform next month, with an estimated availability of March 20.

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It offers its own cloud platform and its own Cloud Service, which runs on top of Amazon Web Service.