Iowa child support website is down, internet outage for hundreds of thousands of people


Thousands of Iowa parents and guardians are facing a possible outage of their child support site as a result of the recent storm, and it’s all thanks to a software glitch that’s affecting millions of others around the country.

In an announcement Sunday evening, the state Department of Social and Health Services said that the Iowa Child Support Services website had been experiencing a “large number of issues” over the past 24 hours.

The site is currently offline in every county in the state, the department said.

In addition to the site outage, there are also reports of a new and larger problem affecting a separate Iowa website that is currently undergoing maintenance.

The Department of Public Safety confirmed that it has been notified of a major security breach affecting the Iowa child maintenance site.

It’s the latest incident in a string of software glitches that have plagued the state’s child support system.

In addition to several minor issues, the Iowa Department of Human Services reported that at least nine counties in the United States have been hit by a massive data breach, and at least 12 counties in Minnesota are under attack.

The state has already begun shutting down its state child support services to ensure that no one is affected by the massive cyber breach.

According to the department, more than 600,000 of the state-run agencies are affected by issues with the state system.

The department said that “this incident has not affected all of our agencies.”

Iowa Department of Health Services has also been affected by a cyber attack, and the state is currently on the lookout for those responsible.

The state health department said it has not been impacted by the recent cyber breach, but the agency is “monitoring the situation.”

According to CNN, it appears that the state child maintenance agency is the most impacted of the three agencies.

Iowa Public Health has also reported that it’s “at risk” of being the target of a cyberattack.

The Iowa Department on Aging also reported issues with their child maintenance website.

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