Microsoft, Google and Apple support web-based apps for Windows 10


Microsoft and Google have released web-compatible apps that can be run on Windows 10.

Both companies said in a blog post Monday that they support Windows 10 as a platform for apps that are built for web development.

Microsoft is offering a free version of its Web Apps for Windows platform, which includes support for JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Google is also offering a web-friendly Web Apps solution, with support for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and CSS Grid, CSS Grid and JavaScript Grid.

Microsoft said it had released web apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.1, and it has offered a free preview for the new versions of its Office suite.

Apple’s mobile apps are also now available for Windows and Android, and they can run natively on Windows, as well as in the browser.

The apps are compatible with IE11, Windows 8.5, and Windows 10, but Microsoft said in its blog post that it has not yet tested them on all browsers.

Apple has long used Windows to run iOS apps, and the new apps support Apple’s iOS development tools, but Apple has not released a web version of any of its apps.

Microsoft said it will release an app to run on a Mac on the new platforms as well.

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