Microsoft to offer XBox Live Gold subscription for $7.99


Microsoft has announced that its Xbox Live Gold service for Xbox One, which has been available since the console launched on November 30, 2017, will launch in Australia and New Zealand this September.

The Xbox One will launch on September 7 in Australia, in New Zealand, and later in October.

It will then come to other territories by the end of the year, with the Xbox One S launch in October 2020 in the US, the Xbox Scorpio in 2020 in Japan, and the Xbox X in 2021 in China.

Microsoft, which already offers a standalone service for gamers, will be offering both Xbox Live Premium and Xbox Live Prime for the same price.

Microsoft is also launching two new Xbox Live Games subscription services in 2017, Microsoft Play Anywhere and Microsoft X Games.

In a blog post, the company said it’s working with Australian telco Optus to make Xbox Live a little more affordable.

The service is currently available for $24.99 per month for a full year with $10 a month free to play and access to the games of your choice, Microsoft said.

In Australia, Microsoft has also launched an X Games subscription service with 30-day trial for $12.99 a year, and two years of free access to XBox games, Xbox Live and the X Games hub.

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