Microsoft’s new cloud app and cloud TV service launch with Windows 10


Microsoft today announced its new cloud apps and cloud services for Windows 10.

The company says the new cloud services will enable a new way of interacting with cloud services, allowing people to see what their favorite apps are doing on the go.

Windows 10’s new apps will include a number of new features, including a new cloud TV app, Cortana-powered search, a new search feature that’s powered by the Bing search engine and Cortana, and new web and app sharing tools that let people share content with each other on the new devices.

The company’s cloud TV apps will be available starting today on Windows 10 PCs, and the new Windows 10 apps will roll out over time to all Windows 10 devices that are eligible for the cloud service.

The cloud TV services are designed to help users access and share their favorite content on the cloud.

The Windows 10 app is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS, and will be launched in the coming weeks on Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Cortana is now available for all Windows apps and services, but the company is still not ready to officially launch the new search and Cortana-enabled search capabilities in the Windows app.

Microsoft has said that the new Cortana feature will roll in on June 8.

The Cortana search and sharing features will be made available in the new apps on June 10.

Microsoft says it plans to continue expanding the number of cloud services available for Windows on PCs, mobile devices and tablets.

The new services will be part of the company’s strategy to provide the best Windows experience on new devices, with new features like a new Windows TV app coming later this year.

The new Windows cloud apps, Cortana, search and content sharing features are available today on PCs and mobile devices.

Windows TV on Windows devices will also be supported in the cloud in the future.