MTV: ‘It’s a weird world right now’


MTV News reports that “it’s a strange world right at the moment” for “Teen Mom 2” star, “Teen Mother” star and “Teen Wolf” star Amber Portwood, who has been fighting a drug addiction for years.

Amber Portwoods mother Amber Portwell’s mom Amber Porto, has also been battling substance abuse.

Amber’s brother, Josh Porto has also battled addiction, and is now in a rehab facility.

“Teen mom 2” cast members, including Portwood’s daughter, Leah, are all on the road for filming.

Amber is also a recovering addict, and she has been battling depression and anxiety.

“MTV” is reporting that Amber has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

It is also reported that Amber is “on antidepressants.”

Amber’s mom Leah was reportedly diagnosed with “post-traumatic stress disorder” after Amber and Leah were caught on camera beating their two children.

Amber was also reportedly in the midst of a custody battle with her ex-husband, Scott Coker.

It was also reported by MTV News that Amber had been in a relationship with her mother for “three to four years.”

Amber Portouros divorce from Scott Cokers was finalized in July of 2018.

Leah Portwood was also recently released from prison.

Leah’s husband, Scott, is currently awaiting trial on domestic violence charges.

Amber and Scott divorced in September of 2018, and Leah was also released from custody.

Amber had also recently been sentenced to three years in prison for assault and battery.

Amber has also filed for divorce from her ex husband, Jason, who was sentenced to 12 years in state prison in March 2018.

Amber released from jail in August of 2018 and is currently living with her son, Caleb.

Amber also has been married to Scott for five years, and he has been in and out of jail since being arrested in June of 2018 on charges of possession of a controlled substance.

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