Oracle iPlanet web server support ending on October 31


Oracle iPlan web server is being replaced with a newer version of the software and the end of the support is October 31.

The Oracle IPlanet web hosting service will also be ending, and the support will be discontinued, according to Oracle.

The new version of IPlanet will be called IPlan Enterprise and will include support for Oracle OpenStack, as well as a wide range of other OpenStack features, including Horizon, CloudFormation, Mesos and Horizon 6.0.

Oracle IPlanet Enterprise will be available for free starting on October 1 and will continue to be available at no cost until October 31, the company said in a blog post.

Oracle is offering the IPlanet server to existing customers, as the company was unable to meet demand for the new software, according the company.

Oracle has already announced plans to shut down its IPlanet hosting service as well.

The company announced that it will shut down the web hosting business at the end, but will be able to continue hosting its own servers for the foreseeable future.

The shutdown of the web server business is part of a larger shift at Oracle to the cloud.

The company is expected to shut off its cloud-based services in the coming months, although the exact timing and scope of that closure will be decided by Oracle.

Oracle’s cloud business, which is managed by its technology giant Oracle Business Partners, will continue providing cloud services to customers for the next several years, according Oracle.

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