Paytm web chat and web payments to launch on Google’s Google Now in 2018

Ücretsiz Hizmetler

News in ITALY Apple Pay will launch on mobile platforms from the end of next year, according to a new report.

The new Paytm app is a standalone app, which is meant for Apple Pay users, not a Google Now-based assistant.

It’s not clear whether the app will integrate with Google Now or not.

The news comes after Google revealed that it would begin testing its own mobile payments app in 2018, as part of its plan to expand its offerings to more users.

Apple Pay is Apple’s new way to make payments on the web.

Users can tap an app icon to make a payment and a QR code to withdraw money, but they must enter a code into the app to complete the transaction.

Apple also plans to roll out its own payment system, dubbed Apple Pay Plus, later this year.

Apple Pay is currently available on iPhone and iPad, but the company also plans on expanding its service to other Apple devices, including the iPhone X.

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