RTE’s ‘Babylon’ is coming to Xbox One next year


RTE is teaming up with Microsoft to bring the game to Xbox.

The first of two console releases for ‘Babs’ will come to the platform in April, and will feature a new story, as well as new characters and enemies.

A trailer has been released.

The game is due out for Xbox One in April.

RTE and Microsoft confirmed to The Verge that the game will be available on the platform alongside other exclusive titles.

“Babs is the story of two girls who grow up in the shadow of the empire and find their place in it, fighting for the survival of their city and the survival that comes with it,” the statement read.

“They are both in the prime of their lives and the world is a very different place now, but this is a world they know.

They are on their way to save Babylon from the Empire, but are also about to find out that their journey is not over.

They will have to work together in order to make their way back home.”

Microsoft has yet to confirm when the game might arrive on the Xbox One, but it has already released a teaser trailer for it.

Microsoft has previously confirmed that a ‘Bubble City’ game was in development for Xbox.

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