This Child Support Portal Is A Bigger Scam Than The One You Saw on Craigslist

Ücretsiz Hizmetler

I was browsing Craigslist and I saw a picture of a child support portal.

The site seemed a bit like a scammy version of Craigslist, but the site itself had all the trappings of an honest job search portal.

I looked into it and found out the truth.

There was nothing real about the job-search portal except that it was located in the heart of the OHIO state capital, Indianapolis.

It was for people with children and it was the place where they would file their child support orders. 

The site had a huge collection of pictures and a lot of information about the people who were involved in the child support case, including their names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and birth dates.

It even had a list of all of the judges and magistrate judges who were handling the case.

And it was also home to the state’s child support caseworkers.

The caseworker who answered the phone at the Indiana Child Support Center said he could not verify the website was legitimate, and I had to call back and speak to the website’s owner. 

When I talked to the caseworkier, he told me that the website would only accept payments in bitcoin, but that the site was also accepting credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.

He said he had no idea how much it cost to set up the site, but said he would contact the company to find out. 

I called a number on the site and the owner told me it was for about $3.25.

I told him I needed to speak with the state of Indiana and he said he’d contact me within two weeks. 

After two weeks, I received a call from a woman who said that she would contact me and she would take care of everything for me.

She gave me a code to use to enter the site’s information and the site would be up and running the next day. 

 I checked the site every few days and it looked legit.

But I wasn’t satisfied.

The first few days I didn’t know what to expect.

I didn´t know if there was anything on the website that I would need to fill out, and the person who answered my phone was very vague.

I did my own research and it appeared that the name of the child and his parents were listed on the list of people who had been ordered to pay child support.

But there was no indication that the parents were the ones who had filed the court orders.

And, as far as I could tell, the child was not named. 

And the worst part was that I could not find out if anyone else had been involved in filing the orders or the court documents. 

So, I called up the state casework office and got a call back a week later. 

She told me to wait another two weeks and that they would email me the next time I called. 

Two weeks later, I was still waiting. 

Then, one day, a man called and said that someone had filed a court order.

He had a picture and information about who the person was and where the order was signed.

He asked if I could help him file the order and I agreed. 

It took me a while to understand why I had been told to wait.

I had no clue who was filing the order, but I did know that the order had been filed in the court of Marion County.

The man said that the orders were being sent to a different county and that he would have to check to see if it was legitimate.

I gave him my credit card number and he called me back a few days later.

He was very excited about the case and told me he was going to file it right away. 

This was a really weird case, because the person the order went to was a married father of three who had two kids with his ex-wife.

The other person who filed the order is also a married man and he has a second child. 

As far as the information I provided, he said that he didn’t need it because the child wasn’t his. 

My initial concern was that the man who had signed the order wasn’t the real parent.

After I checked the court records, I found out that the person whose name was on the order filed it himself. 

In other words, the real father was the person named on the document.

I also discovered that the court ordered the man to pay $3,928.25 in child support to the woman named on that document.

But when I checked his credit card statements, I discovered that he hadn’t filed the child-support order.

The person who signed the child’s order had no record of him paying any child support, and he had never been charged with a crime. 

But I was not satisfied.

I wanted to know more about the process and

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