What are the biggest cloud services that you use?


Weber, a cloud computing company, is facing a cloud migration to Microsoft Azure.

Weber announced the change in a blog post today.

“We have spent the last several months exploring the cloud,” wrote Weber CEO John Weber.

“In the end, we have decided to make the transition to Microsoft’s Azure platform.”

The company announced a similar move in March, announcing plans to “integrate and leverage the new Azure service and services on our existing data center infrastructure” to “accelerate and scale our growth.”

Weber says it will be able to “significantly improve the reliability of our customer’s data centers.”

Microsoft has said the migration will help the company move “more quickly” toward its cloud services strategy.

Webers migration will begin in the coming months, and it will take time for data centers to transition to the new environment.

“Microsoft has committed to providing support to customers in the meantime,” wrote the company in a statement.

“The transition will not impact existing customers who are already on our Azure platform.

Customers will continue to receive the same support.”

The move comes as Microsoft and Google are embroiled in a major battle over cloud computing.

Microsoft has argued that Google’s Android operating system, Android, is more efficient, faster and more stable than Apple’s iOS, but Google has pointed to its own dominance in cloud computing and its own data centers.

Microsoft is also battling with Google on cloud pricing.

The company has argued in court filings that it is “a more attractive, more profitable and more reliable cloud computing platform” to its customers.

Microsoft recently began offering more affordable plans that include a Windows Azure subscription.

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