What you need to know about Oracle’s end of life support


The Oracle web server is no longer supported.

In a blog post on Monday, Oracle said it is discontinuing support for the popular enterprise-grade web server at its data center in Mountain View, California.

Oracle says its end-of-life support plan was discontinued because Oracle was “strictly limited in its ability to support the Oracle-designed server, with no significant performance improvements.”

Oracle’s last maintenance cycle was in September 2018, and it stopped making new updates in late 2018.

A new Oracle maintenance cycle starts on September 9 and ends on September 15.

It was originally scheduled for November.

Oracle also said it would no longer offer support for Java and MySQL.

Oracle’s latest update for the server comes a month after the company said it was discontinuing the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) at its cloud-based data centers.

Oracle announced in February 2018 that it would stop selling Oracle JREs, and customers can get the latest version of the operating system from its online store, Oracle Cloud.

In June, Oracle announced that it was ending support for Oracle JDBC, Java’s scripting language, which it had sold since 2002.

Oracle is no stranger to software support.

The company previously shut down support for its web server and MySQL database in 2016.

Oracle said in a statement on Monday that the company is ending support of Oracle JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and Oracle Database Engine (Oracle DBX) and Java Runtime Platform (Java Runtime Platform) as well as its Oracle Database Enterprise (Oracle DAE) and its Java Enterprise Edition (Oracle ED).

“While the end of Oracle support is an unfortunate news for Oracle customers, Oracle has decided to discontinue support of these products,” Oracle said.

“Oracle has decided that its customers will have access to Java 9 in the Oracle Web Services suite.”

Oracle has also announced it will end support for JDBC for Oracle Web Servers in 2018.

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