What you need to know about the latest version of the Android smartphone operating system

Ücretsiz Hizmetler

Google is launching a new version of Android, Android 5.0 Lollipop, in Australia, and the latest news about the smartphone maker’s latest Android OS will focus on how it works.

What’s new:  The new version is called Android 5, but it’s not the same as Android 5S, which launched in October. 

The latest Android update, version 5.1, has a few major changes and features, such as a more streamlined interface, a revamped Sense interface, and an updated camera app.

It also includes some features that Android 5 doesn’t have, such a new “Home” menu. 

In Australia, Google has just rolled out Android 5 Lollipop for the Australian market.

Google says it’s a free update that includes the following features: A cleaner look and feelThe most significant new feature is a more “clean” look and a more responsive, responsive, and responsive-looking user interface.

Android 5’s user interface is more “natural” and “organic”, which Google says means that users are able to see more information on the screen, including notifications, as well as new apps and settings. 

This means that the “favorites” menu, for example, now shows all of your favorite apps. 

A redesigned Home screenThe Home screen in Android 5 is now more “intuitive”. 

Instead of a grid of icons, it now displays a list of all the apps in the home screen.

Google has also made the home menu more accessible. 

Android 5 has also changed how notifications work.

Android has always relied on having a notification pop-up appear, but Google has made it easier for users to dismiss a notification without having to leave the notification pop up. 

Instead, users can simply tap and hold on the notification to dismiss it.

Google says it has worked with Android OEMs to make these changes. 

There’s a new option in the Notification Settings, called “Unwind notification”.

This option allows users to make sure they don’t see notifications that are not relevant to the current task. 

Users also now have the option to turn off “Auto-unwinding” for notifications that have been received more than once. 

Finally, Google says there are a number of new features in Android that will be more useful for mobile users. 

For example, there’s now a “Home Assistant” app in the Settings menu that provides a new way to manage your home screen and notifications.

This app lets you set up the default apps for Android phones, including Google Home, Google Now, and Gmail. 

Google also says it is making “significant improvements” to the Google search app, making it easier to access information from the web and new features, including a search bar that lets you search for specific words, phrases, and URLs. 

What’s still missing: Android’s main competitor, Microsoft, has also rolled out an updated version of its operating system in Australia.

The Redmond company says it will be launching Android 5 for the US market later this year. 

Windows Phone 8 is also being rolled out in the US. 

While Microsoft has been making Android updates for a few months, this is the first time it’s rolling out an Android update for the global market. 

Microsoft is still working on getting all the latest features and improvements into Android, but there’s no word yet if that will include the ability to use Microsoft’s Bing search engine, which Google already uses. 

And there’s still no word about the availability of Microsoft’s new version 4 of Bing.