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Google has been criticized for not doing enough to address online harassment, especially when it comes to women.

The company’s decision to take down a number of abusive subreddits and block a number on the site’s search engine has sparked criticism from feminists and other online advocates, who said the company is allowing trolls and racists to operate freely and create toxic environments for marginalized groups. 

The company is taking the issue more seriously.

In a blog post Friday, Google’s director of product policy, Jennifer Mascaro, said the group has “made it clear that we will work to ensure that all users experience a safe and welcoming environment, regardless of who they are or who they belong to.”

“This is a topic that affects all of us,” Mascaros wrote.

“We are committed to ensuring that we can work collaboratively with partners across the company to improve how we help make sure we are providing a safe, supportive, inclusive experience for everyone.”

Google has taken steps to address harassment in the past, including taking down racist subreddits and blocking white supremacist sites.

It also announced a new anti-harassment policy, which was widely praised by online activists.