When you don’t want to see a word on a page, just scroll down


Google News is great for reading news and articles on Google, but if you want to read them quickly, you’ll want to keep your cursor on a certain word or phrase.

Google’s word recommendation service uses the same technology it uses for its search engine, and it’s called the word prediction engine.

Here’s how you can use it. 1.

Find the word or phrases you want 2.

Add the word, or phrases, to a list of suggested words for that word or term 3.

When you’ve finished typing, you can select the word that you want and press the “add” button.

Google will now recommend the best word or sentence for that phrase.

To see all the words or phrases it’s suggested for, visit Google’s “Search Suggestions” page.

If you click on a phrase and it doesn’t appear in the suggestions, you may want to scroll down to the bottom of the list to find other suggestions.


You can click and drag the word you want into the list, or hit the “drag” or “pinch” icon on the top of the word to get the word out of the way.

The word will then appear in your “Find” section of the suggestions.


If it’s a very common word or word combination, you should see a “More” icon at the bottom right corner of the words suggestions.

Click on that icon and you can go back to the word suggestions.


If a word or two you’ve suggested doesn’t make it to the list you want, just click on the “View” link at the top left of the suggestion to re-open the suggestions and add it again.


You’ll see that the new word or words are also listed in the top right corner.

Clicking on them will bring up a list with all the word and phrases that are on the list.

You may also see a list for the “Suggested word” for the phrase you’re looking for.

If any of these suggestions are “off the chart,” it means they’ve only been popularized in Google’s search engine.

This is because the word itself isn’t always the best match for what you’re trying to find.

For example, if you’re searching for a word that sounds like “soup,” you might want to try something like “hot chicken.”

In the Google News app, you also can filter by popularity and add keywords that you like, or just “list” a few of your favorites and see what they are.

To add more suggestions, click on “More Suggestions.”

You can also view the word list for each word in your Google News search.


Click “Add” or press “Add to my list.”


Your suggestions will appear in a list on the left.

Click the “Add new word” button and you’ll see a new list of words.

If one of these words isn’t in your list, you’re probably not getting the word.

To sort your suggestions alphabetically, you will need to go to the “Search” menu and click “Sort Alphabetically.”