Why Amazon’s web hosting provider, Xero, is getting sued by a customer over a security breach


Xero is suing a customer for over $4.3 million after the security breach.

According to the lawsuit, Xeros security breach has caused the victim to lose more than $2,000 worth of services.

The victim also claims Xero breached their copyright, trademark, and trade dress, among other things.

The victim claimed that Xero used the code that allowed the vulnerability to be discovered, and that Xeros breached its contract with the victim and others to protect the victim’s intellectual property.

Xero also says that the victim had “no idea that XERO had made a code modification or modification that allowed it to bypass the vulnerability,” and that “XERO has not taken responsibility for any damage to the victim due to XERO’s code modification.”

The Xero breach was discovered in May 2016, and the victim claimed they were using the service for a business meeting.

According to the complaint, XERO says that in June 2016, Xers security team discovered that “a malicious program had altered the configuration of Xero to gain access to a customer’s server.”

“In the event that an attack is detected, XEROs Security Team will notify the customer that it has identified the attack and the incident is being reported to law enforcement,” the Xero’s website says.XERO told Business Insider that the customer is “currently awaiting a response from Xero regarding the complaint.”

Xero has a policy that prohibits customers from using its web hosting services.

Xero declined to comment further, and it has not yet responded to Business Insider’s request for comment.

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