Why Apple is not supporting WebKit on Macs, Mac OS X, and Windows 10


Buzzfeed: Apple is apparently not supporting the latest version of WebKit, the open source rendering engine powering Macs and Windows PCs, according to Mac OS developers.

In a recent blog post, Mac developers noted that Apple’s web support, which was updated in November, has been “barely maintained for some time,” with support for WebKit not yet being added to Apple’s official documentation.

The lack of support appears to have affected the latest Apple Macs released in March.

“While the documentation is updated frequently, I can confirm that no new support is being added for the latest versions of Webkit,” Mac developer James Loehle told MacRumors.

“There are no plans to add support for the newer versions of the engine to the official docs.”

Mac developers were also disappointed to learn that Apple was not updating WebKit for Macs to support AppleScript, an API that enables developers to create and execute JavaScript scripts on the web.

AppleScript is used in Mac apps to allow developers to write Web applications that run on the Mac.

But because the API is not yet supported by the Mac version of the AppleScript API, developers are left in a situation where they cannot easily run scripts.

“We know that WebKit is not fully supported in Mac OS, but the API itself is not,” Mac developers wrote.

“The WebKit developers have been working on supporting Webkit since 2012, and it is not clear if they have a full list of supported features yet.”

Loehy said he is not surprised that Apple hasn’t made changes to the WebKit API, and that he is optimistic that Apple will add support to WebKit in the future.

“If we can get support for this feature, then it is pretty likely we will see WebKit support in the next version of OS X,” he said.

Mac developers are also concerned that Apple is making the Web an integral part of iOS.

“Although WebKit can be used to write applications on iOS, it has never been a feature Apple has been actively working on,” Mac Developers wrote.

“[WebKit] is now, for the first time in iOS history, a central part of the platform.”

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